寺田克也原寸 中国ツア~日記 Diary of “KATSUYA TERADA REAL SIZE” China Tour19.05.30更新


5月29日 上海市民、20年を経て邂逅す Day2 / May 29th – Shanghai reunites with Katsuya Terada after 20 years – Day 2.


Today is the second day of the live drawing event at “Light Space” Xinhua bookstore in Shanghai.



Today’s event is being advertised on a gigantic digital signage.


Of course, inside the store as well,


Terada-san’s artwork, which he produced at Fangsuo bookstore in Guangzhou, has been moved to the entrance area of the bookstore. You can now enjoy Terada-san’s actual handwriting in a cozy atmosphere.

今日のライブ・ドローイングイベントには中国の現代アーティスト、小龙花(シャオ・ロンファ 日本では小龍花と表記されることもあります)さんが対談相手としてお越しになりました。『寺田克也原寸』ブックデザイナーの祖父江慎さんからのご紹介です。

Today we are with a special guest Mr. Xiao Longhua. He is a Chinese artist and will be having a talk with Terada-san. He was recommended by Mr. Shin Sobue, who is the designer of “KATSUYA TEARDA REAL SIZE” and will be joining us for the event in Beijing.


Xiao-san brought us a present. When you touch, it changes the color. Hmmm, an interesting piece.


Before the event, they were having a chat about Japanese manga. Xiao-san’s favorite manga artists are Leiji Matsumoto, Kazuichi Hanawa, Kazuo Umezu, Nobuyuki Fukumoto, Hirohiko Araki, Usamaru Furuya. They all have solid and dignifying but sensitive touch in their drawings. Well, he sure knows a lot!


Terada-san showed us a drawing saying “I can draw like Leiji Matsumoto-san”. My gosh! This is so cool!


While we were having a nice time with Xiao-san, the venue was already filled with many people.



Today the live streaming video looks perfect, much clearer than yesterday.

“That’s because I’m using Huawei smartphone today! It was iPhone yesterday!”, Miki-san makes a smug face making everyone laugh with the hot topic. So I turned my camera towards her but…


“No, no, no… actually I’m using Sony myself!” She is so funny.


So Terada-san appears on the stage. He starts the event by saying “It’s an honor to have an event at such a beautiful store”.


Same as yesterday, all the seats are full. The audience stares at the screen thinking what Terada-san is going to draw today.


Xiao-san interviews Terada-san as he draws on his iPad.

Xiao-san: “I heard you like bicycle”.

Terada-san: “Yes, I like the form. Like this, you know?”


And he draws a frame of a bicycle besides the peak of a bird.


Xiao-san: “How is it like to be in China now?”

Terada-san: “I grew up reading the US edition of a magazine called [Heavy Metal], which was originally published in France as [Métal Hurlant] by the masters of BD (Bande Dessinée) such as Moebius and Enki Bilal. There was no internet back then so the information was so limited. In those hungry days, through [Heavy Metal], I got to see so many cool things I would not have seen if I was in Japan. I still cannot forget that excitement. Coming to China I realized that now I’m in the opposite position. Now I feed these young and hungry fans in China. Also, I started doing an exhibition since 7-8 years and started going outside and showing up at galleries. But before I rarely went outside because I devoted myself to drawing (work), so when people actually saw me at exhibitions, many said to me “Oh you actually exist. You are alive”. I was like a cryptid to them.


People enjoying the process of an artwork being formed and enjoying a chat.


This live drawing event was broadcasted on the gigantic digital signage outside.


Now it’s time for the audience to ask questions.

一番好きな漫画は? 西遊記は何で知ったの?日常はどんな生活? 好きな女性のタイプは? 上海のみなさんが、寺田さんの言うとおり、「本当にこの人は実在したんだ」というギャップを埋めようと、人間を知るための質問が多いように思います。

They ask questions like “What manga do you like the most”, “How did you know Journey to the West?”, “What do you do besides work?”, “What kind of woman do you like?” and so on. As Terada-san mentioned earlier, it seems like people in Shanghai is trying to fill the gap realizing that he is not an imaginary creature and asking many questions to know more about Terada-san as a human being.

好きな女性のタイプは、「女性はみんな好きです」。モチベーションを維持するには?「絵がうまくなりたいなあ、自分ではうまいと思ってない。明日はもっとうまく、と思いながら生きている」 西遊記は、寺田さんのお父様が40年以上前、中国にお仕事で駐在されていた頃に、おみやげに持ってきてくれた西遊記の絵本がずっとご自宅にあったことが印象に残っているそうです。

Terada-san replies, “I like all kinds of woman”, “To keep myself motivated, I keep telling myself I wish will be better tomorrow. I really don’t think I’m good myself.”, “I got to know Journey to the West from a present my dad bought me when I was a little boy. My father was working in China and he bought me a picture book of Journey to the West. That was more than 40 years ago.”


It’s almost done… but the time has come. We are out of time. “I need couple of more hours to finish this” says Terada-san.


You can see the fast-forwarded version of this drawing from above.


Selfie time which we became familiar with during this tour.


Taking another photo with everyone holding their “KATSUYA TERADA REAL SIZE” in their hands.


Fans queueing for the signing event.


Many got to know Terada-san from “Dragon Girl and Monkey King”,


and many were recommended from their teachers and friends from their Art school.


There were also many professional 3D, anime and game creators.


Terada-san signed about 200 books in this past two days. Thank you so much Terada-san!



Thank you “Light Space” Xinhua bookstore staff. We appreciate your wonderful work.

We will be moving to Beijing on 30th and meeting Mr. Shin Sobue. Can we? … Til next time!




寺田克也原寸 中国ツア~日記 Diary of “KATSUYA TERADA REAL SIZE” China Tour