寺田克也原寸 中国ツア~日記 Diary of “KATSUYA TERADA REAL SIZE” China Tour19.05.26更新


5月25日 広州市民、「リアル」と出会う / May 25 th – People in Guangzhou encounters the Real.


Today is the first day of the live drawing event at Fangsuo bookstore. It was a long day and this will be a long diary.


Before the event, in the morning, there was an interview session with the Chinese web media called 7.game. The schedule is jammed packed when a famous author like Terada-san travels abroad. It’s an honor but I assume it must be tough for him.


Terada-san was asked many questions about his creation process, about his various works on manga and gaming character design and other illustrations works and so on. How does the interviewer know so much about Terada-san. I was astonished. A question on his influence from Moebius, Terada-san answers “I was influenced by him when I was 15 and I’m still influenced by him”.


Taking a commemorative photo after the interview. The interviewer was a big fan of Terada-san. He was saying “Terada-san is like the master for the ones who wish to become an illustrator. Everyone admires and respects Terada-san regardless if they are born on the 80’s or the 90’s.


“May I have your autograph on the back of my shirt?”
“Alright. Oh, the shirt is sweaty!”
This interview will be broadcasted a next week.


Lunchtime with Terada-san. This is a Beef noodle. Maybe this is the origin of Ra-men in Japan. Tasty local food gives me lots of energy and cheers me up. The food in Guangzhou is so good. So, rolling up our sleeves we are headed for Fangsuo bookstore.

イベント開始の一時間以上前に書店に着いてしまったので、まだ現場は設営中でした。キャンバスが本棚に取り囲まれていて、おもしろい! 本棚でお客さんと距離を作りつつ、変に緊張感を生まない作りです。……おや?左のほうに少年たちが並んでいます。もしかして、もう待っている?

We arrived at the bookstore an hour before the event. The venue was still under preparation. I liked how the canvas was surrounded with shelves. Taking distance from the audience so as not to disturb the author. Nice idea. Hmmmm… I spotted some young people lining up. Are they here waiting already?


Terada-san was waiting at the discreet spot in a coffee shop until the event starts. He again starts draw. Seems like he is drawing someone/something in the store.


A boy notices Terada-san. Is he going to approach us? What should we do?


He came near us but did not enter the coffee shop and took some distance and started to sketch something. I could not see what he was drawing but I was struck by his serious look towards Terada-san.


In the meantime, the crowd is getting bigger and bigger. All of them are so young.


The canvas has been set. Just making a slight adjustment on height of the canvas and the light intensity.


Live drawing event starts. As Terada-san calmly faces the canvas, the audience makes a round of applause and turns their smart phones towards Terada-san.

どこから描きはじめるのか? その線から、何が生まれるのか?この緊張感は、世界共通のようです。

Where is he going to start to draw? What is going to appear from those lines? It seems like this tension at the live drawing event is universal.


Look at these serious eyes of the young generation.


Literaly the audicence is leaning forward, following Terada-san’s every move with a hungry look. On the left hand side, you can see the boy who was at the coffee shop before the event.


Tears rolled down my face when I saw these eyes. They were hungry, hungry for the real moment and they have now witnessed the master’s real drawing in real size in front of their eyes. Exactly, this is the concept of “KATSUYA TERADA REAL SIZE”.


A dragon appeared in no time.


As it was filled with so many people, now it’s impossible to get close and take pictures.



Live streaming was broadcasted worldwide (the recorded movie will be uploaded via BiliBili later on) and at the same time, young generation kept spreading the words via Weibo (The Chinese version of Twitter).


This is how Weibo looks like.


Having been given a big energy from the crowd filled with excitement, Terada-san’s black marker becomes sharp as a knife.


Two hours flew so fast and the event comes to an end. Again, the crowd gives him a big round of applause.


The crowd turnes their camera towards Terada-san and when Terada-san does vice versa the venue was filled with laughter.


A crowd photo with a selfie-stick. What a nice arrangement by SendPoints.


A short break for Terada-san. During the break Sakura comic book shop from Comic City in Guangzhou paid a visit. A special POP card (point of purchase: a marketing material) was given to them.


And the singin event starts.


Approximately 80 people have lined up for the signing event. They were all very polite, did not speak much. They have this way of thinking (tradition) that to them a person who is an author is like a master or a teacher and you should not talk to them in a friendly way. I saw the boy at the coffee shop again in the queue. He did not speak much as well. He seemed very nervous. But he had something to convey to Terada-san and showed him his sketch.








A drawing which you can see a strong influence from Terada-san. I felt something is being passed on from Moebius to Terada-san and to this boy.

I asked people lining up for the signing event, how did they come to know Terada-san. Many got to know him from “Dragon girl and Monkey King”. Many of them want to be an illustrator and their friends and teachers recommended Terada-san. We have successfully introduced those hungry young generations to Terada-san who have satisfied their hunger.

 We PIE International wish to spread superb culture and creative works to the world through publishing. Publishing has the power to change people’s lives and it is a responsible task.

I feel that what they witnessed today changed their lives in a good way. Their strong and serious eyes had a convincing power. That is why tears rolled down my face. I’m truly happy to be able to be in the publishing business.

Experiencing such an extremely overwhelming event from the first day, now I’m kind of scared if I will make it till the last day of this tour. What will it be like in the upcoming cities Shanghai and Beijing…

Terada-san seemed very tired after the event, but after having so many delicious North-East Chinese dishes such as lamb cuisine and boiled dumplings, he looked satisfied and headed back to his hotel saying “I’m going to bed!” Thank you so much Terada-san and see you tomorrow.



寺田克也原寸 中国ツア~日記 Diary of “KATSUYA TERADA REAL SIZE” China Tour